Devora Goree

Devora Goree is an indie author from Houston, Texas. Having found a love for writing at a very young age, she knew it was something that she wanted to pursue life-long.

Having been a victim of molestation and seeing the effects it had on her life ignited within Devora a passion to encourage fellow women to speak out. But it wasn’t until after she had escaped a horrific, physically abusive relationship governed by a psychologically abusive church organization that Devora gave birth to "I Am Raven". It was the first manuscript she’d written in years and the very liberation of her mind and soul. 

Devora now lives in the Savannah area of Georgia with her husband and children. When her kids hit the hay, she enjoys a good read, a good glass of wine, and cuddles from the love of her life.

She is currently pursuing her degree to become a counseling psychologist and working on "Wild Child," due to arrive in summer 2018.