1. White book cover with black ribbon flowing in the wind
    I Am Raven
    At sixteen, Ellie has anything a teen could ever dream of. But for all her riches, she harbors a dark secret. Forced to be the apple of one man's wandering eyes, her plan toward freedom lies in graduation. That is, until Daniel Jennings comes into her life, giving her a more present hope. However, when she finds her two worlds fiercely colliding, she can only hope that she survives the wreckage.
  2. On the cover of a book, a wealthy young woman facing reality, her mascara running after a long and good cry
    Black Dove
    After a close call with death, which nearly resulted in the loss of the child she loathed to carry, Ellie gives up on the prospect of ever having a true family. As she battles with the decision of adoption for her daughter, Hope, and dodges testifying against her perpetrator, Ellie finds herself entangled in a furious web of her own desires, pit against what is “right”. Though, when she becomes trapped in the awkward middle of the two guys she cares about most, it is only then that she ventures out onto the complex and bold journey of self discovery.
  3. On the cover of a book, a buisness man's feet in black loafers at the yellow start line of a race he'd been putting off.
    Flying High
    What is love without sacrifice? Some bullshit principle he learned at a bullshit time in his life that yielded bullshit results. Daniel oftentimes ponders on this, wondering what his life would have been if he never would’ve seen her walking through the courtyard that day. If he’d never taken his twin up on his bet to meet his crush, and, later, ended up accepting her child. A child that wasn’t even his. He’s often wondered what if Jimmy had never happened altogether? Of course for her sake, but would he had even gone as far as he did with her if she'd never been exposed to the horrors that she had? Was it merely an act of disguised sympathy, his love for her? But, of course, it is moot to continuously ask questions that he’d, still, yet to find answers to, Daniel surmised. All of that, and more, did occur, and, as it stands, it’s been over three years since Eleanor Boudreaux walked out of his life. Three years that he hasn’t seen his daughter. And nearly all of that time, he’d taken just to regain some semblance of his normal self. The self that loves without cause and doesn’t unjustly treat women like shit—namely, his girlfriend, Belle. He’d stayed away. No, he’d, quite literally, given up his search years ago; however, even with him finally having made progress on his inner-self, Daniel is still missing one important piece of the puzzle. It is the one part, even with the heavy bitterness in his heart against Ellie, that he refuses to let go. The vital adhesive that, at one point, served to hold everything together that wouldn’t have otherwise been. Hope. She is the key—the answer to every last one of the irrational questions that have haunted him throughout the years. And if he can just find her, he will, once more, have life.